Projected Scheme Progress


The option to re-apply for Planning and Listed Building Consent for a FIFTH time is now being assessed The fundamental cha

llenges are a) non viability b) unknown deterioration and causal structural issues, which mean effective scheme costing is very problematic. The potential to integrate into the building the Museum of Slavery adds a paradigm shift of positivity and will now be reviewed critically and the aim is to take full cognisance of all variables per option, which can then be discussed with the relevant Heritage and Planning stakeholders.


The preservation of Alexander “Greek” Thomson’s iconic Egyptian Halls.

 The return to long term sustainability for of this architectural "gem".

Scheme Development Benefits

£20M+ Development begins much desired Union Street regeneration.

175-225+ bedroom, circa 3-4 star hotel on the USI owned Upper Floors.

• Bars/Restaurants on USP owned Ground Floor or Museum of Slavery.

 200 jobs - 30+ Modern Apprenticeships.

 Deliver an EXTRA £400k Business Rates p.a.

Structural Status Update

The future of the Egyptian Halls need to be guaranteed! However unless a shovel ready scheme is implemented over the next 12 - 18 months then its future is inevitably massively negative. The long noted acceptance that the Rear Wall has to be demolished is a prescient indicator that the key interrelated components; floors, stairs, roof, front façade; the very fabric of the building are now experiencing increasing stress, strain and deterioration, which is not surprising given the accelerating impact of 40 years of unchecked dereliction. And now the WRD Dec 2019 detailed structural appraisal has reinforced the long stated TMP/Add Cons claim that the massive dead weight parapet is not tied to the building which means it sits balanced atop a slender façade replete with 100’s of windows. This means the Scaffolding cannot be removed, that localised repairs are both counterproductive and not of any visible use as well as being massively non-viable. And on the recommendation of WRD the top lift of the scaffold has been re-engineered to become and protective crash deck should the parapet begin to move.

Next Stage

If the key public stakeholders; GCC, Historic Scotland and the Scottish Government can enter into effective collaborative discussions with Ground Floor owners USP Ltd and Upper Floor owners USI Ltd then the 100% preferred solution can be achieved at the least cost possible to the public purse. However if this cannot be achieved then the acknowledged Regeneration Benefits, then the much-needed jobs and economic growth cannot be delivered.