Mackintosh Thomson Mews

Linking and Reinforcing the Combined Architectural Legacy of Glasgow’s Two Greatest Architects
Charles Rennie Mackintosh & Alexander “Greek” Thomson


Back in Year 2000 USP opened discussions with NCP regarding integrating the Egyptian Halls with their Mitchell Street Car Park but could not progress due to title unavailability and causal grant funding issues. Again in 2009-2010 discussions also took place but again foundered due to grant funding issues and the overall effects of the recession. However given the fact the Egyptian Halls is now wholly owned, controlled and funded independently, the recent strategic infrastructure developments announced and the fact that 80+ NCP’s were recently sold so their commercial/ residential property potential could be developed the opportunity to revisit this project’s potential is timeous - see attached historical Support Documentation.

December 2019 WRD Structural Review

The issue of this to both GCC and HES now sets the imperative for a scheme to be agreed, funded and implemented before the Egyptian Halls is defined as being a Dangerous Building.

Mackintosh Thomson Mews Rationale

Given we now know the options for the Egyptian Halls are:

Restoration - now all but structurally undeliverable, has been unfundable since Year 2000 – has become increasingly more so as the years have gone by.

Façade Retention - seems to be a deliverable option, needs some grant funding.

New Build - another deliverable option, needs no grant funding.

It’s also been documented significantly that the Rennie Mackintosh Lighthouse Building is seriously underused and therefore financially compromised due to its cul de sac like and out of the way location. Also the 36 year delay to reconcile the Egyptian Halls repairs issues has certainly curtailed the now long overdue regeneration of Union Street and arguably this continually deteriorating building makes am increasingly negative contribution to the urban realm. This project reconciles this.

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Regenerating Union and Mitchell Street by Creating Connections; Cultural, Commercial and Leisure Between Central Station and Buchanan Street.